We are located in Palm Beach Gardens,Florida. We are a private, family owned breeding facility which breed many different exotic birds. We carry babies, breeders, and pets. We also sell cages. I, Sergio Martinez, have been breeding parrots for Many years. All of our Parrots are not just breeders but part of our family. A little about my family: We are a Progressive Messianic Gentile, Spirit Filled Family. We believe that nothing is more important than believing in Yahshua, the Jewish Messiah, foretold throughout the Tanach (Hebrew Scriptures). We have 11 children, 9 of them are adopted. All our children are raised around our birds and learn how to love and care for all the animals GOD has Created. We have a link to our church and would love to invite anyone of our customer to come join us for a great time. Our Email is daily0826@yahoo.com and phone is (786)326-7698

Health Guarantee, Policy and Disclaimers
PARROTSRUS guarantee is to protect both buyers and seller. We guarantee our birds are in good health and free of disease. PARROTSRUS will not take responsibility for any disease the bird is exposed to after buyer receives bird. For this reason, the buyer has 1 day after receiving the bird to have it examined by a DVM (DVM must be experienced with birds). All testing or samples for testing must be taken at that time. PARROTSRUS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY DVM COSTS INCLUDING but not limited to EXAMS, TESTING, MEDICINES, NECROPSY, BOARDING. If buyer does not take bird to DVM for exam in the 24 hour period, guarantee will be VOID. If DVM finds the bird in poor health, forward documentation to PARROTSRUS via email before the 24 hour period. Authorize your DVM to discuss case with agent with PARROTSRUS. If findings are legitimate and bird has a fatal condition, bird will be replaced or money refunded, sellers option. Bird must be returned to PARROTSRUS at buyers expense. We do not return any shipping expenses. Unweaned baby birds are sold as-is with no guarantee and is buyers responsibility to know how to hand feed and care for baby parrot. We are not responsible for any bird during shipping it is the airlines responsibility to make sure bird arrives alive and we recommend you add a declared value when shipping so you will be covered by airlines if airlines does not cover we are not responsible to pay for bird(s) we are not responsible for shipping delays or weather when shipped. If parrot dies because of delays in flight or weather PARROTSRUS is not responsible. We are also not responsible if bird is stolen or escapes during, before, or after flight. Birds that are proven have been proven for us or bought as proven from a third party and there is no guarantee they will produce for you. ParrotsRUs does not guarantee sex of birds.Any disagreements or suit must be filed in the state of Florida courts. If one bird kills another PARROTSRUS is not responsible. No guarantee on age of any bird sold by ParrotsRUs. Any birds bought from us that are from a third party are not guaranteed in any form. Any details said about birds from a third party including but not limited to the sex of the birds, pictures, if they have produced, etc., ParrotsRUs will not be held responsible for any deals made involving a third party. Buyer assumes risk for third party deals, not ParrotsRUs. Information on buyers or sellers are never shared for any reason. All birds are shipped with in a week , if you need bird to be held any longer a $70 a day per bird fee will be added. ParrotsRUs is not responsible for the theft or death of any birds after you have paid for the bird in full or if we are holding bird for any length of period. All deposits are nonrefundable and you lose deposit if you do not pay balance you owe for bird by date agreed upon.


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