Feedback from some of our customers.

I'm Luis Colon from Queens NY. This is Einstein doing well and very spoiled. Thanks again
From :Monica Kurpa Hi sergio, the birds are home safe and sound.they are very pretty. thanks monica
From:Roy Bourgeois Hi Sergio, just wanted to drop a line and let you know that the greenwings are getting to hatch their first baby for me. Love all the ads for the other pairs you have for sale, if I had the money that Hyacinth macaw would be come here to me. Thanks for your help!! Your friend, Roy Bourgeois
From dave Hacker Here are some pics.... thought you might like to see them in their new home....seem to be doing fine ....they allready went to bed in their new nest box....thanks debbie
From Diana Holcombe Hello, I thought that I would pass some good news on to you. My Hy egg is hatching now. Many thanks for selling them to me. P.S. The greys are doing great.
From:Garry & Monica Your quite welcome..we just wanted everyone to know how pleased we are and give you some kind of reference. We certainly will send you some pics. Did they have names? We are calling them Bonnie and well mannered birds, quiet, and enjoyable. I will take pics and send you so you can see their new home. We think the bigger one is the male..are we right? We can tell you take pride in your birds(very well cared for) We will take just as much pride and you can be assured they are in a good home. Garry & Monica Bonnie & Clyde Einstein (CAG) Teils and Lovebirds
Customer Name: john miami, FL. 10/11/2007 Rating: We bought a pair of Black Palms from Parrotsrus and They are the nicest birds we have ever had .thanks
From: Brandon Melanese Hi Sergio: Thanks again for the baby. He is a doll and better than I expected. He has justed fine and is a real love. Thansk, Brandon
Customer Name: Kathi De St Jeor Nashville, TN 9/29/2007 Rating: Wonderful breeder to work with. We love our bird, very healthy, adorable. It was great to meet you, I will keep in contact because we are going to get a few more birds. thanks again Kathi
Customer Name: Billy @ Ballyhoo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10/16/2007 Rating: Sergio at Parrots R us offers excellent quality birds as well as personal service. I recieved a S.I. Eclectus hen from him yesterday that completely fit the bill. When I'm looking for that certain baby, or a spare to make a pair, I will look no further...The proof is in the parrot!!
Customer Name: David Jones Florence, South Carolina 1/2/2008 Rating: Wow!!! Sergio does what he says he's gonna do. VERY Helpful throughout the whole process. As long as he's in the bird business, he is the only one I'll do business with. Thanks a million
From: Lidiya Kolodrivskiy Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 3:34 AM Sergio, i have received your two beautiful baby birds... they are look just adorable and i want to thank you for this gift. im just speechless, you have no idea how happy you make me... thank you again and i will send you more pictures in a month when they are a bit older... Thanks again, Lidiya
Customer Name: Ken , 10/7/2007 Rating: Sergio from PARROTS R US has been terrific in helping me set up my breeding operation. He is a genuine guy who is friendly and willing to answer questions.
Customer Name: Rickey Stone Tallahassee, FL 10/4/2007 Rating: Bought a Green Wing Macaw, from Serigo and could not be happier with the bird or him.
Sergio, Here are 3 pics of the Blue Throats that I have from you. They are now on 3 eggs and doing great! Thanks so much for a great pair of birds!! Jason Ink Titan Aviary Bacardi Kennels
Customer Name: Silvia powell butte, oregon 4/16/2008 Rating: Sergio is extremely interested in making his client happy. He tells you the whole story about any bird he sells, and desires to make you happy with the right bird. Great communicator. I would do business with him again.
Customer Name: Beth , Alaska 6/2/2008 Rating: I obtained a breeding pair of Greenwings from Sergio and they are just wonderful. They've already started mating for me and are such a well adjusted pair. But aside from the quality of these giants, Sergio really went the extra mile for me, struggling with my airlines for days and getting up at the crack of dawn three times to try and ship (it's quite a task to get to Alaska). Sergio, thanks again! I love my new pair.
From: monica kurpa Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008 9:14 AM To: Subject: babies Hi Sergio,look at this cutie,the pair gave me two little males.thanks so much for the pair. monica
This is Karen from North Carolina and I'm sending you a few pictures of louieAnna thats what I named him and he seems to know it, he looks up at me when I called his name. I just love him to death he is doing well. Eating alot plays alot with all his new toys. I will send you more pictures as he grows.. bye and take care P.S. I have to write a good review on your site soon.....
Diana holcombe Hello, I thought I should give you some good news on my end. I have an one day old Hy Macaw and its doing great. Also, I have three other pairs on eggs now, but I know they may or may not be fertile. But, I'm so happy to see this little chick. thanks Diana
Sent at: Sun Mar 23, 2008 2:51 pm From: Dr_Creep_22 Hi Sergio, Just wanted to let u know we have an Easter Egg (so far). This is Garry, from Dayton, Ohio. I hope u remember me. I know you sell many birds. I did just as you said, bought a double wide Macall cage, with divider, put them in a room upstairs alone, found the egg friday the 21st. They seem more aggressive than ever. When I had them downstairs, I could give them a grape from my hand. Since I put them upstairs, I'm lucky to give them food and water without them trying to attack. They are very protective of their cage. :twisted: They have been that way since I put the box on the cage. I was beginning to wonder if they would lay this year. I have read that sometimes they won't lay for a new owner. They have though, and I am excited and pleased. Just want to keep you posted on how they are doing and I will send you pics of there environment and babies. Thanks so much!!! Happy Easter! Could you also send your website again so I can post pics for you? Thanks a Bunch, Garry & Sissy P.S. You never named the birds. My wife named them. BONNIE & CLYDE :lol:
Hello Sergio; Mike Dugas here from Louisiana. I purchased two pair of RoseBreasted Cockatoos from you a few months ago. I wrote you tell you I am now feeding 3 babies from 1 pair. This week I looked into the box of the parents of the babies and I found 3 eggs as of today. The pair of babies has not returned as of yet but they are back in the nest box working it and chewing up their perches like mad. So I expect in a week or so they to will probably be back on the nest. Here are the pictures of the baby Rosebreasted Cockatoos. Thanks, Have a Bless and A Safe Week, Mike Dugas
Customer Name: Matt and Penny Humphrey Park Falls, Wisconsin 8/9/2008 Rating: Hi. We just wanted to thank you for the baby blue and gold macaw. You were there to answer questions and even though there was a problem with the airport you were there to help out with that also. We would definetely buy another bird from you again. We recommend this breeder to anyone. Very considerate and willing to help anytime. Thank you very much again!! Matt and Penny Humphrey Sat 11/1/2008 4:26 PM We just got home from picking Teddy up! He is absolutely gorgeous and seems no worse for the wear from the plane ride. He jumped up on me right away. I have him in his cage to get use to it and he ate and drank right away. We are going to give him time to settle and then will let him out again. Thank you for such a nice bird! He's everything we could have asked for! Here's a picture in his custom-made cage. Donna
Name: Ryann Lagattuta Phone Number: 8456934511 Email: Message: Hi Sergio! I wanted to email and let you know we have a second egg this morning! The first one as you know came on sept 30 2008. The second 3 days later. I REALLY want to thank you... I know they are a great pair. Thank you SOOO much!!!
Nicolas Stauffer Serg, First off thank you! I picked him up from the airport, plane landed on time but took a bit for them to bring him to me. Was home around 1145. Did the first feeding with him. He was great, I made a mess. he only ate 15cc. At 445 this morning he woke up and sounded hungry. He ate 25cc then. He is so sweet I can tell your very good at what you do. The rest of the family loved him as well. The doggy was a little jealous, but some extra treats and he will be ok. I will be sending pics tonight or tomorrow. I cant thank you enough. Thanks a Milli, Nicolas
"" Here is a picture of our bird we named him Able. Once again thank you very much.
From: "Miljan Vanovac" Thank you so much for this wonderful bird it is so nice and playful with my family.
From: LOL here are some photos for you of our Baby, he is tentatively named Edward...not sure how that name came to be but its what was suggested, mostly he is just called Baby LOL! Everyday brings about a new change with him, today we woke him up to find him not only perching, but also climbing in his cage! He is getting more adventurous out of the cage as well, not just hunching down on our lap, but actually trying to get into things and explore his surroundings. He is showing some interest in his pellets, although right now they are more of a play toy then anything else! Thank you so much, I feel like a new mom, my baby is smarter then everyone Else's LOL! He is very loved, and I am so happy I am getting to spend these early days with him, watching him discover new things.
From: Nicolas Stauffer Date: Friday, May 1, 2009, 11:38 AM Hey Sergio, This is nic in wyoming. Just wanted to let you know, I had my baby congo DNA tested. Its a girl! We love her very much. Her name was ash and is now ashly. I will send some updated pics of her just as soon as i can. Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks Nic
From: "" I want to send a picture for both Alaa(B&G) and versatchi(scarlet) both we got from seargio and the best birds ever thank you we have done busniess with him more than once and the best in this business .
From: "sofia senquiz" Hey Sergio, it's Sofia. My family and I would just like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our new addition to the family. Well, after lots of hard thiking, we have finally decided that we think the bird is girl and that her name is LewLew. If it turns out that she's realy a male, then her name will be Lohloh. Attatched are pictures of LewLew the day after she arrived. Again, thank you so much. We will keep in touch and send you pictures as time progresses! -Sofia & Family
Thomas Bertolino Message: Hello Sergio, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping my dream of owning a Blue & Gold Macaw come true. \"Zephyr\" is doing great and had no trouble adjusting to me or his new home. The truck ride home was fun, as he sat up and looked out the windows the whole time, and several times flapped his wings like he was flying down the highway. What a sweet baby he is. You must have spent many loving hours socializing him. He is stepping up and trying hard to talk already. He is eating fine and seems eager to taste new things. Again, thank you for your help and kindness... Thomas.
Randal & Lynn Morgan Big Lake, Minnesota Enoch has been doing really, really, well. He is learning how to perch as you can see in the picture, he just got through eating some mangos, a peanut, green beans, corn, pear, he has also ate banana, apple, he seems to enjoy some of the Zupreem hand feeding pellets (the ones that look like cheerios). He had his first bath yesterday which he seemed to enjoy. He likes to be out running around with us and chewing on foot toys. His favorite foot toys are the toy dice, rope, or the little wood spools. Last weight he weighed 2.75 pounds…he is a big boy! he is so funny, he’ll try to run over his big feet and end up hopping to where he wants to go. He loves being snuggled and rubbed. His personality is outstanding so we can tell that he came from a place where he was never treated like a bird but like a member of a family with love. He is perfect! Thank you so much.
From: "" To: Sergio Martinez Sent: Sat, October 31, 2009 2:06:53 PM Subject: Happy Camper! Howdy Sergio, I felt a ease talking to a true expert and down to earth normal real person! Your someone I could easily call and become your friend, it didn't take long to feel this way - a very likable person for sure. I didn't expect that. Your birds are of the highest quality and you had excellent communication always available and a man of your word - honorable. Your pricing is more than fair and reasonable. An excellent value from anywhere around. you worked hard to schedule and coordinate and made everything very easy. Everything worked like clockwork. You remained concern of your birds as I was of mine and acclimated them with great care and extra attention when none was needed. I hope to see my birds added to your web site and your birds have settled in well because of already good health they were playful driving home! You truly have some of the finest collections .. That speaks for itself. I have already recommended you to family and friends and I feel awesome!! Kalabonga happy! 10 stars!!! :) Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart! Warmest Regards, Ralph De Vestern
From: "" To: Hello Sergio, I hope all is well with you and your family. The hyacinths are now on two eggs. Should I be concerned about the current heat wave here in NJ? There is plenty of air movement in the bird's room and they do not appear to be stressed but it is still very hot and humid up there. I thought that since they came from Miami they might be used to this kind of weather. Is there a point where I should consider air conditioning for them? Thanks.
bikerboy7345 22/03/13 buyer positive I got really nice pair of Red Factor Congo African from Sergio. Really nice awesome guy. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy birds from him. I will buy birds from him again. Thank you so much.
3/31/2013 Amanda Haltom City, TX We bought a pair not even two full months ago and they are already sitting on eggs! Healthy, well adjusted birds! Thank you!
Name: ron Pamgborn Email: Message: Hi Sergio I want to thank you My baby Hyacinth (Alexander) has added so much to our family. He is everything you said he would be and more. Sergio thank youu again Alexander is wonderful. Peace be with you, Ron
Customer Name: Ken Puyallup, Wa. 3/2/2011 Rating: Serigio was the best breeder i have ever worked with every time I called or emailed him he would allways answer my question. I just want to thank you for my beautiful pair of Blue &Gold's.They arrived on time and as beautiful as the picture on his web site showed. Thank you again Ken W. Puyallup Wa.
Name: Franklyn Quezada Phone Number: Email: Message: Sergio, I just want to thank you for the African Grey Congo. I love this bird, it's so gengle and loving, and you were very helpfull throughout the whole process and always kept me informed. My brother is also losing his mind, since he never had a parrot before he loves him. Thank you
4/24/2012 Mike White Miami, FL. I bought two pairs of African Greys from Sergio and both pairs are with babies right now. Highly Recommended Thank You Sergio
9/9/2011 Dilla Garden Plain , Kansas Recently I purchase a breeder pair of african grey and I was amazed that she already laid eggs and one of them is fertile. I am very happy with my purchase. I would rate him 5 STARs as a breeder/seller. The birds were gorgeous, clean and great feathers as what he described before the purchase. The most important thing that I will never forget about this transaction that Sergio is such an honest person and a knowledgable breeder. I will never think twice if I want to recommend him to someone.
2/17/2011 george Miami, FL. I bought a pair of macaw from this breeder 2 months ago and I have a baby hatching. Thank you George
3/22/2011 Jessica Martin County, FL Sergio is fantastic to work with and I am looking forward to working with him again!! Thank you!
7/27/2011 Vee , Indiana I have done business with Sergio and he has been honest and trustworthy, he answers all my questions and he never seems too busy to give me the time i need, i will buy birds from him again. Its nice to have someone you can trust.
8/14/2011 Darius Starks Tuskegee , AL I recently purchased a Blue Throated Macaw and a Rosebreasted (Galah) Cockatoo from Sergio. These birds were the most well socialized, healthy, and friendly. I could not have asked for any better quality of birds. His shipping methods were superior and I have absolutely no complaints. I will refer anyone to him! What Sergio promises, he delivers! When he lists that the birds are tame, they are PET QUALITY!
12/10/2012 Patricia Philpot Salem, Oregon I love my bird. OMG she is beautiful! Sergio was Extremely Nice and Very knowledgable. He was very honest and everything was exactly as said. Would do business with again. Recommend to anyone looking for a bird. Again Sergio THANK YOU
3/31/2013 Amanda Haltom City, TX We bought a pair not even two full months ago and they are already sitting on eggs! Healthy, well adjusted birds! Thank you!


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